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• 4/25/2018

The new DEEEEP clans.

The new deeeep is built so well. That a few people have started some clans. Here are the main 3.

Isopods - Troopers
Though weak alone together they are very dangerous.
They roll around planning they’re attacks.
Anglerfish - Guards
The Isosquad’s base is in the arctic cave t the left of the map.
Anglers guard the entrance pretending to be food.
Barreleyes - Lookouts
Though Anglers are meant to guard the base Barreleyes will note if anyone is there.
In some cases Anglers aren’t even needed.
Sleepers - Guardians
They hang with the Isopods during they’re attacks
And protect them with they’re attacks.
Goblins - Snipers
The way Goblins are made is so they can kill enemies.
They hang around the cave until Barreleyes spot someone approaching.
When someone approaches and Anglers don’t suffice Goblins will.
Oarfish - Medics
They are made so they help out lower tier animals.
And Isopods are lower tier.

Gulper Gang
Gulper - Troopers
They are vicious and can kill even a balled-up isopod.
They prefer hunting in small separate packs
Dragonfish - Assist
They help out the gulpers by slowing they’re prey down.
Usually one per gulper pack
Cachalots - Defense
Unlike Dragonfish they slow others down for defense.
They are not easy to use due to oxygen and hang out with their clan
In the open and not in they’re base: The Tunnels
Blobfish - Diversion
Poor Blobfish. Used as bait so others get through.
Luckily they respawn as themselves.
Lamprey - Spy
If they can find an animal from a tier high enough
that’s not from their clan they can stalk them
and report.
Octopus - Spy
Similar to Lamprey, they kill others and take their place.
It’d be a little suspicious if you had a pretty high score though.
Jellyfish - Guardians
They’re quite common and easy to kill. But they poison and can be
used as sacrificial shields.

Humboldt Horde
Humboldt - Trooper
Three is better than one. They can be really scary.
But all the squids takee the same hits.
Giant Squid - Guardian
The squid daddies are as scary as the Humboldts.
They drag dangerous prey out of the picture.
At least for a while.
Ray - Thief
They hide near bases until somebody dies so they get the spoils.
It could even be your own team.
Squid - Diversion
They are just nuciances and shouldn’t be a cause of attention.
But if they distract everyone it could be a big problem.
Sunfish - Tank
Sunfish are built so they can live in the deeeep for a long while.
The open deeeep of course. They are great counters
to the Gulper Gang.
Worm - Spy
Worms can go just about anywhere. ‘Nuff said.
King Crab - Guardians
When the going gets tough these boogers can do it all.
They are generally spiky and can take down a Jellyfish alone.
You can change to them quickly and can be used as shields
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• 5/6/2018
I'm typically in the iso gang, bottom-feeding my way up to become something powerful :3
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