This page contains all animal abilities.

Go through ground Edit

The go through ground ability is used by the worm and in the arctic by the Polar Bear.It makes that animal can go through ground.

Swim faster near same animal species Edit

The Swim faster near same animal species is used by the fish.It makes that animal can swim faster when near to it same animal species.

Walk Edit

The walk is used by the crab , king crab , Seagull , Pelican , Octopus , Penguin , Leopard Seal and Polar Bear. It allows animals to walk on islands and ice caps.

Parasite Edit

The Parasite is used by the lamprey. It allows when boosting into animals tail to get food that the Enemy eats.

Bring back damage Edit

The bring back damage is used by the King Crab. It allows to bring back some damage to attacker when hits.

Poison Edit

The poison is used by the jellyfish. It allows to poison animals for some seconds. it don't works for sea turtles.

Stay to hide Edit

The stay to hide is used by the squid. it allows to turn invisible after three seconds of staying still without being hurt/damaged. 

Fly Edit

The fly is used by the seagull and the pelican. it allows animals to fly.

Put head to ground to hide Edit

The Put head to ground to hide is used by the ray. It allows to hide when your animal put head to ground.

Mimic food Edit

The mimic food is used by the anglerfish. It allows animal when it stay can be fully invisible and mimic latest food that it eats. if someone eat the food the next bite will do 100% more damage.