You swim faster when close to other fish! (stackable 5 times, up to 50% faster)

The Clownfish is a beginning animal of the It is organge an white, it resides in the shallow waters, and will die if it travels to any other habitat.

Appearance Edit

The Clownfish's base is an orange, sand like rectangle. It has a white, thick, curved line just above the tail fin, which is a darker yellow/orange. It has two identical eyes made that are black with an outline of white, and a black semi circle as the mouth. The clownfish actually has a strange resemblence to Bob the Builder.

Strategy Edit

For The Clownfish: Edit

Stick to feeding on orange algae and the shallow water green pelts, so you can turn into a Crab, which will allow you to retreat to the upper islands if needed. If you see another animal coming towards you, swim away and, if possible, hide.

Against The Clownfish: Edit

Since the fish has only two health hits before it dies, just make sure you are close enough to attack it twice. Or, chase it into a habitat it can't survive in (Swamp, Deep and Arctic) and wait for it to die of pressure, temperature or saility. However, it's faster and easier to push it up to the surface so it will die from lack of oxygen.

Trivia Edit

  • It was one of the Original Animals.
  • In the past the fish has had no ability, but in 02-13 Updates, its gained one; a speed gain when closer to other fish.

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Fish Stats
Speed: 900%
Health multiplier: 1.5 (Total: 150)
Damage multiplier 1.5(total: 150)
Damage block 0%
Armor penetration 0%
Boosts 1
Oxygen time 20 Seconds
Temperature time 10 Seconds
Pressure time 5 Seconds
Salinity time 20 seconds

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