"If you hit someone while boosting, you'll grab them! Click again to release."

The Orca is a black and white "mammal" in It is a 10th tier animal and equivalent to the Shark , the Whale , the Cachalot , the Giant Squid , the Polar Bear , the Whale Shark and the Marlin. It evolves from the Dolphin.

Strategy Edit

As a Orca Edit

Killer Whale has ability to grab animals Seagull and above. You can boost above the water to try and catch a Seagull to suffocate it. Bring animals you grab to the floor, it'll be harder for them to escape if they get free.

You can also grab Sharks. They will lose all of their oxygen immediately and slowly lose health until they die.

Against a Orca Edit

Do not approach an Orca unless you are a Whale (pull the Orca in, you have more health), Cachalot (slow the Orca and attack, you have more health), Polar Bear (throw snowballs to do enough damage), Giant Squid (grab and drag into Deep), , Whale Shark (attack with Remoras) or Bald Eagle (grab then drop in the swamp).

If you feel like testing your luck/skill as a Giant Squid, launch yourself at it, and drag it into the depths. Be wary, though, as it can hold you at the surface, and make you lose pressure damage.

If you are not a top tier animal or are a Sunfish, Stonefish, Marlin, or Shark, stay away. Sunfish, Stonefish, and Marlins have less health and Sharks will lose all their oxygen immediately if they are grabbed by an Orca.

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Stats Edit

Speed: 100%
Health multiplier: 9.0 (Total: 900)
Damage multiplier 9.0 (Total: 180)
Damage block 0%
Armor penetration 0%
Boosts 3
Oxygen time 60 seconds
Temperature time N/A
Pressure time 10 seconds
Salinity time {{{SALINITYTIME}}}


  • Orca was one of the original animals. At first, Whale was the next animal and Shark was the previous animal (which means Whales can kill Orcas and Orcas can kill Sharks), but this was later changed and all three are now equals, along with the other Tier 10 animals.

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