You give back a part of the damage you receive

King Crab is the 2 deep sea animal in it has ability which deals some damage back to attacker. it is equivalent to Crab and Lamprey. it lives in deep sea. It upgrades from the blobfish

Strategy Edit

Eat Jellyfish while they are alone and you are at full health. Blobfish don't give much XP, so they are not worth it. Stay away from Squid, Rays, Anglerfish and Giant Squid.

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Stats Edit

King Crab Stats
Speed: 100%
Health multiplier: 1.5 (total: 150)
Damage multiplier 2.0 (total: 40)
Damage block 50%
Armor penetration 0%
Boosts 1
Oxygen time N/A
Temperature time 10 seconds
Pressure time 5 seconds
Salinity time {{{SALINITYTIME}}}

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  • It was added on 02-13-2017.

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