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Description Edit

Oxygen bar is one of bars in many creatures have a oxygen bar, the Snake has the lowest oxygen bar in the game.

Animals that needs to breathe air in the ocean Edit

1) Seagull

2) Pelican

3) Frog

4) Beaver

5) Sea Turtle

6) Penguin

7) Leopard Seal

8) Dolphin

9) Narwhal

10) Cachalot

11) Shark (when it stops moving) 

12) Orca

13) Whale

14) Polar Bear

15) Stonefish (when it dives into soil)

16) Frog  

17) Electric Eel  

18) Snake

19) Snapping Turtle

20) Manatee

21) Hippo

22) Bald Eagle

23) Crocodile