Use your boost to grab animals crab and below. Click again to release them.

The Pelican is a Whitish, "Bird" in It has two boosts and can suffocate animals in its mouth. It can grab animals from Squid and below. It is unable to attack the Seagull, and can be seen as a counterpart to the Seagull.

Strategy Edit

As a Pelican Edit

Pelicans are relatively strong for it's tier, and it is very good at attacking rays. It works well with the seagull, and it can use its ability to grab squids and below in order to get food.Don't try 1v1ing Rays because Rays are stronger than Pelicans.

Against a Pelican Edit

Pelicans are dangerous, if you're a Squid we would recommend you go to the Deep Sea, But as a Crab or Fish, you don't have that ability, so then, start more often with Worm and Blobfish.

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Stats Edit

Pelican Stats
Speed: 100%
Health multiplier: 5.0 (Total: 500)
Damage multiplier 5.0 (Total: 100)
Damage block 0%
Armor penetration 0%
Boosts 2
Oxygen time 30 Seconds
Temperature time 10 Seconds
Pressure time 5 Seconds
Salinity time {{{SALINITYTIME}}}

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