"Snake can climb trees, hit another animal to poison it"

The Snake is a red and black "reptile" in It is a land/sky creature and only has a 5 second oxygen bar. It can climb trees, attach to animals, and poisons all animals it touches.

Appearance Edit

The Snake has a long, rectangular shape, similar to that of a Lamprey or Electric Eel. Its head sticks out from the rest of its body. The entire thing is covered in red and black stripes. It has slanted, oval-shaped eyes with small slitted pupils.

Strategy Edit

As a Snake Edit

Snake is a Tier 7 animal, so Beavers and Anglerfish are your equals. However, you have less health than Beavers and Anglerfish, so you should still stay away from them. There isn't much food on Swamp Islands, so stay on an Island in the Shallows. You can attack Seagulls if you want, but they may team up on you. You should not stay underwater, since you only have a 5 second oxygen bar.

Against a Snake Edit

Snakes can attach to any animal, but their main target is Seagulls and Pelicans. But even Seagulls have a higher oxygen bar than Snakes. If it attaches to you and you are a bird, go in the water and try to drown it. If you are a water creature, it will have no choice but to give up attacking or die if it keeps attacking.