The Snapping Turtle is a brown "reptile" in It is the equivalent to Octopus, Sea Turtle, and Penguin. It has the ability to hide and spawn a food by putting its head against the floor, similar to an Anglerfish.

Appearance Edit

The Snapping Turtle has four legs with four spiky "toes." It has the rectangular base shape of all the other animals. It also has a dark brown shell around the edges of its body (except for its head) with small points. Its mouth is a dark brown with points on the top and bottom. It has two small, brown eyes widely spaced from each other and stripes on its neck.

Strategy Edit

As a Snapping Turtle Edit

Staying and living in the Shallows, Deep, or Arctic as a Snapping Turtle is not a good idea because your Salinity will go down since you can't stay in the air for very long. You should hide along the Swamp floor until prey comes as a way to get food, and boost/fly away if a predator comes near.

If you spot a swarm of 5 or more Piranhas, run. They can kill you easily after the new beta update with new Piranha logic.

Against a Snapping Turtle Edit

As a predator, or an animal that can kill the Snapping Turtle, try to chase it to the sea floor. This way it can't fly away or go up to breathe. If it tries to hide, you will most likely know where it is because you will usually watch it hide. If you don't see it, eat some of the plankton around and you'll most likely find it.

As prey, or an animal the Snapping Turtle can kill, you should either: boost/fly away, hide (if you can), or go somewhere it can't get you (e.g. the sky or the shallows).

When you are a crocodile, grab it and shake it. Also, take effort to keep the Snapping Turtle facing the sea floor so it cannot fly away.