The preview for the Swamp update posted on Reddit

The Swamp biome is an area in on the right of the map.  

Appearance Edit

The Swamp has darker skies than the other parts of the ocean and murky waters. If you are above the water, the water is so murky that it is completely opaque.

There are a few islands with mangrove trees. The islands are a dirt-brown color with stripes and the trees are large, dark brown mangroves with many circle shapes as leaves, with several vines wrapped around the whole thing. There are stick-like roots underneath the islands, similar to beaver dams, but they do not spawn food.

Animals Edit

  • Tree stumps
  • Mangrove trees (Snakes only)
  • The Swamp, like the Arctic, does not have a unique hiding spot (e.g. the Pineapple House or Shipwreck)

Other Features Edit

  • The waterfall that serves as the entrance to the Swamp
  • The cave/tunnel under the waterfall