Terrains are land features in which can serve as hiding spots or spawn points for food and/or other terrain.

Name Which Animal can hide in? Image Description
Anemone Tier 3 and lower AnemoneAppears at the deep (not deep sea)
Beaver Dam Beaver
Dam food spawn here. Slowly landing on the top allows you to walk across it
Arbusto Crab, Seagull, Snake
Berries spawn here.
Tree Seagull, Snake
Apple spawn here.
Igloo Penguin
Appears on the top of icecap.
Island None It's a terrain for walking. Bushes and trees appear on here, found in the Shallows.
Icecap None It's a terrain for walking. Igloos appear on here, found in the Arctic.
Volcano Tier 3 and lower
Lava spawn here. Found on Arctic and Deeeep sea floor.
Shipwreck Tier 9 and lower
Produces bubbles, only one (on an underwater island).
Pineapple Tier 9 and lower
Appear in the Deeeep.
Swamp Island None Mangroves appear here. Found in the Swamp.
Mangrove Seagull, Snake Found on Swamp Islands.
Stump Tier 3 and lower Found on the Swamp sea floor.