Trees Edit

The tree is a hiding place and food source in Trees are found only on islands. There are two types of trees: the swamp biome tree and the ocean biome tree. Swamp trees appear on islands located in the swamp biome. Ocean biome trees appear on islands in the ocean biome. The ocean biome tree is the only tree that is a food source, bariing the apple as its food. Trees are hiding places for seagull, snake and acconda.

Ocean Biome Tree Edit

Ocean biome trees are found on islands in the ocean. These trees appear to be smaller than swamp biome trees. Each island in the ocean usually has 1-2 trees, but some can have up to 3 trees. These are the onlytrees to spawn food.

Swamp Biome Tree Edit

The swamp biome trees are found on islands in the swamp biome. These trees are much bigger than those in the ocean biome. Each island in the swamp has only 1 tree. Swamp biome trees do not spawn food, unlike the ones in the ocean.