The Worm is a brownish "Fish" in It is one of the four beginning animals, and can go through the ground, similar to that skill of a Stonefish.


The worm sports the rectangular appearance many of the animals have. It is an orange-brown color with horizontal stripes and a large, darker rectangle on the top half of the body.


For The Worm:Edit

Stick to eating the ground and the water pellets. If you see a predator, flee into the soil of an island or into the ground.

Against The Worm:Edit

Try and get below the Worm to prevent it from going into the dirt. It doesn't have any boosts, so just chasing it will usually be enough. It doesn't have much health, so one or two hits should do.


  • It's also been addressed as 'Sea Worm'.



Worm Stats
Speed: 100%
Health multiplier: 1.0 (total : 100)
Damage multiplier 1.0 (total : 20)
Damage block 0%
Armor penetration 0%
Boosts 0
Oxygen time N/A
Temperature time N/A
Pressure time N/A
Salinity time N/A


  • The worm was added on the beta server around January
  • Worm used to do an insane amount of damage during its time in beta.
  • There was a glitch , when worms can fly.
  • All the mentioned issues with the worm were fixed later on.

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